National Drug Abuse Treatment System Survey

NDATSS has collected management- and policy-relevant information about the organization, financing, quality and accessibility of substance abuse treatment since 1984.

The study team is currently collecting data to examine the impact of health reform on the accessibility and quality of substance abuse treatment nationwide. In addition to surveying substance abuse treatment organizations, the study team is collecting data from state agencies playing a key role in health reform implementation in the substance abuse treatment field, including state Medicaid programs, state insurance commissions, and Single State Agencies.

The project is currently led by Dr. Peter Friedmann at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Baystate Health, in collaboration with several affiliate researchers and organizations, including The Cornell Survey Research Institute, The University of Chicago Survey Lab, and individual investigators Amanda Abraham, Christina Andrews, Cliff Bersamira, Qixuan Chen, Colleen Grogan, Thomas D'Aunno, Keith Humphreys, and Harold Pollack.